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Here is a list of commonly asked questions. Of course, if you have any concerns that aren't addressed here, feel free to send an email and I would be happy to assist you.

What do you mean when you say you use 'natural light'?
This simply means I do not use additional lighting other than what is provided by mother nature. I have spent years learning how to manipulate and 'find' my light to produce the images you've seen consistent through my portfolio. We may have to pull back curtains, 'stage' areas in your home, and work to keep participants of the session in the area that will provide the best results, but, I typically use no artificial lighting. I feel this is the best approach with young children, keeps me much more mobile for documenting in the moment actions, and provides the best looks in your results.

Can I have my mini session at my home?
The short answer is no. Mini sessions are scheduled deliberately to condense the schedule. For this reason, mini sessions are scheduled at locations of convenience for multiple families. Mini sessions are almost always scheduled around other sessions. If however, you are able to coordinate 3 other families (your friends, coworkers, etc) to streamline a consecutive schedule, we can do the mini sessions at your home. If you wish to have your own session at your own home but do not want to schedule friends, etc around your session, please consider a full session for this reason.

Why don't you use props and crazy or fun backdrops?
I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer. I specialize in a natural documentary; story telling of sorts, with your child/family. I feel props and backdrops distract from the entire purpose of the session. Once in awhile I will host fun mini sessions that are themed with such props/backdrops, but I typically minimize distractions and embrace the natural beauty of the environment around you. Be it your home, or a beautiful venue. The actions, eyes, and story your child and family tells is the primary focus of each image and what drives my creativity. 

How/When do we pay for our session?
Upon your inquiry to booking your session, we will swamp a few emails/calls back and forth to determine the location, time, date, and other details of your session. Once that has been outlined, you will be sent a link to the online payment system and contract. This contract is essential for my records, and is always reviewed by me prior to your session. This contract offers a chance for you to document to me your expectations and a few helpful details for me to prepare for the session. This contract also provides me with contact information for you as well, to add to my database/your file. Galleries are not released to clients without this form being completed. Generally, I ask for $75 deposit at the time of booking and remainder is due the week of your session. Mini sessions are to be paid in full upon booking. 

How much time from our session date, until we can see our online gallery?
During the months of January through August, you can expect about 2-3 weeks turnaround time on your images. You will be able to download the images immediately upon receiving your gallery. You will also have a print release in your gallery, so that you may begin your printing projects immediately. There is also an online shopping cart available, if you wish to print through KSP.
During the extremely busy months of September, October, November and early December, please anticipate about an additional week for your images than usual. There has never been a holiday season in my decade plus of business that a client is without their images for Christmas. Please check emails/voicemails and stay in contact with me regarding any date sensitive deadlines you might have. 

Where do you suggest I print my images?

My camera, computer, and everything I use to produce your images is in collaboration with my vendors. Therefore, I can guarantee your results when printed through my professional printing labs, as that is who I am calibrated to. When you print my professional quality images at a subpar vendor, such as walmart, snapfish, etc, you will see a (sometimes drastic) change in quality. So far as to say my RED color in images will often come out ORANGE or even a dark yellow in your printed images, for example. You are free to print wherever you would choose. However, I strongly recommend you use my professional printing services for your products. 

What does it mean that I have the 'Print Rights'?
Print rights are simply that. You  have a right to print these images. You do not own these images, as they are property of KSP. You cannot enter these images in contests without prior consent of KSP, and you may not further alter KSP images by cropping them or digitally enhancing them. This distorts my professional image and the entire purpose of hiring a professional photographer. You retain the rights simply to print and work on your photo projects with these images, in their entirety as presented to you. 

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